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Whether you are a solo songwriter looking to record a simple demo, a band who would like to record an album of material, or an organization who needs theme music for an event or campaign, Iron Tree Interactive has the tools, experience, and the skills to bring your creative ideas to life.

Over the past 30 years, we have served a wide range of artists, bands, and organizations - engineering, producing, session playing, and technical consulting for music projects in studios around the country and under multiple genres.  

We are equipped to assist our clients in our own facility or work where ever is required by the artist, band, or organization.


Here are some examples of how we can help:

√  You are a solo artist without any accompaniment to support your songs or performance and want to record a quality demo of your music We can provide the additional instrumentation, vocals,  arranging, and recording that you need to produce your demo.

√  Your band wants to record an upcoming gig at an important event and use the recording to produce a live release to be sold at your future shows - Our mobile recording equipment - including our digital audio workstation, microphones, and processors - can be set up at any event or performance to capture that moment for reference or for future production purposes. 

√  Your band needs a producer for your upcoming recording sessions at a local studio to be another set of ears on the music, manage the overall project, and ensure it stays under budget. We can be hired to produce and manage your recording sessions while functioning as the project's creative director - as our music production and industry experience will be a major asset.   

Our range of Music Production services include: 

Original Music Recording
Music Composition for Film & Media

Song Writing and Arranging

Performance Coaching

• Studio Consulting & Scheduling

Recording Session Management
Creative Direction & Consulting
Session Playing and Booking

• Performance & Event Recording
Session Playing and Booking


Iron Tree Interactive will serve as an important component in the creativity and production of your musical ideas and artistic inspiration. It is our goal to approach each project with a fresh and unique mindset - treating all artists, bands, and organizations as inspired and motivated individuals with no creative restraints.


As with all projects, we consult with all artists, bands, and organizations to reach a mutual and clear understanding of what is needed to achieve success - musically, creatively, and financially.

We work hard to meet the expectations of our clients on both sides of the project - providing a quality result at a reasonable price. 

Click Here for Standard Rates for Production Services

If you are interested in speaking with us about your specific project, please use the form below to contact us
and share some details about your needs and expectations. 

We will reply within 24 hours.

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