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We understand that your first priority as an artist, musician, and performer is to create and share your artistry with others.

Most often you do not have the time or the capabilities to promote your art to the audience or influencers you need to bring your career to the next level.

When used properly and efficiently, publicity and promotion will prove to be the sharpest tool in your toolbox - and the most important when building your career. 


Here are some examples when we could be of help:

√  Your social media pages are not gaining any new followers but writing and performing leave no time to create engaging posts to help promote the next gig, your website, or your newest release.

√  Your shows and music are popular with your local fans - but you want to build an audience in another state or region and start a buzz before booking shows away from your core fanbase.

√  You are recording a new full-length release and want to get exposure in regional and national music magazines, newspapers, and on television, radio, and internet entertainment programs.

We provide multiple Publicity/Promotion services: 

Press Kit Development
• Photo / Video Shoot Coordination

Social Media Management
Media / Press Outreach

Industry Networking

Fanbase Outreach & List Building
Live Performance Promotion
Special Event Promotions


Iron Tree Interactive has decades of music industry experience - networking and communicating with influencers, journalists, venue owners, producers, magazine editors, publishers, media personalities, and other music industry insiders.

We also have the critical skills to tell an accurate story on your behalf and cultivate an interest in you, your brand, your music, and the project the true message behind why you're an artist.


It is our job to speak for you and represent your work and the passion behind your efforts with truth and integrity. Every artist and band is different - so we are prepared to customize the cost based on your specific need and the level of marketing you desire.

See our Standard Rates for Publicity/Promotional Services

If you are interested in speaking with us about your specific marketing needs, please use the form below to contact us
and share some details about your ideas and expectations. 

We will reply within 24 hours.

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