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At a point in the career of an artist or band, the simple desire to reach a wider audience or the release of a new recording and the requirement for exposure, distribution, and promotion will prompt the need to play to live audiences outside their local area.

In this scenario, a general timeframe will need to be established, goals set, and the draft of an approximate route will be needed for the future tour - which can be complex first steps in the process. 

Once the initial planning is over, the tour strategy begins where venue choices, date/time availability, phone outreach for gig booking, confirmations/follow-up, and logistics need dedicated management. Not a task for the faint of heart.


Our communication and organizational skills can help when...

√  You need to research towns and cities included in your tour plan - to make certain they contain legitimate music venues and have consistently active live schedules that attract national talent.

√  Your manager or band member has no time to call venues, organize a schedule, book gigs, or investigate hotels,

and arrange for lodging accommodations.

√  No one in the band has a vehicle or transportation appropriate for touring and a reliable van or bus needs to be secured. 

We can help in the planning of your tour: 

Tour Timeline & Route Planning

• Venue Research & Coordination

Event / Gig Booking

Hotel Booking & Area Resources
• Transportation Rentals

Tour Itinerary & Daily Organization
• Equipment Procurement & Rentals


We have national touring experience as performers, coordinators, stage directors, project managers, and artist managers. 

Iron Tree Interactive will ensure your tour strategy is implemented efficiently and managed properly from your first step into the first venue on the schedule - until you return to your home city.

We work with each artist and band to establish the most affordable fee structure to plan your upcoming tour. Fees and costs are based on our existing rates for our administration services.

Click Here for Standard Rates for Tour Services

If you are an established artist or band interested in speaking with us about your touring plans, please use the form below to contact us and share some details about your needs and expectations. 

We will reply within 24 hours.

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