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Bryon Turcotte has been creating with his heart, his mind, and his hands since he was 13 years old.

Experimenting with sound, multi-track recording, tape loops, and early analog synthesizers, Turcotte began to build a well of knowledge, technical understanding of music, and sound that he would tap into for the next four decades of his life. He grew to appreciate the relationship between music, film, and his love for everything creative as his life as a musician continued.

Born in Massachusetts in 1965, Turcotte set foot to become a student of human nature and of sonic chemistry. In addition to being a self -taught musician and avid music collector, he pursued an educational path in electrical and audio engineering building a long list of accomplishments as a technical professional during the beginnings of his adult life.


These skills helped him to sharpen his passion for music and the love of technology that would increase his strength as a composer and multimedia designer in years to come. 

Continually experimenting, he perfected his own recording methods in his home studio and began to put them into practice in his life as a performer and producer as he worked with other musicians.












Turcotte began his career in music and played and toured professionally from 1984-1997. He also worked as a session and freelance musician between 1997 and 2002 performing with numerous bands in Boston and New York in-studio sessions and live stage performances. 


During this time, Turcotte served as an A&R scout for Road Runner Records and the Manager of A&R and Affiliate Relations for Dot Click, an online music marketing and community builder based in Boston. While at DotClick, Turcotte remained active as a music journalist, editor, and freelance writer – contributing to The Noise, Instant Magazine, and The Performer.

As a musician, he collaborated and performed with artist and composer Michael MacDonald and bands Transom and Jupiter 88. Turcotte performed with both bands on bass until MacDonald's untimely death in 2000. 


His work as a film composer began in the independent short film “The River” by young Greek filmmaker Andrea Hadjcosti. Hadjcostis' translation of the short story Zitite Elpis by Antonis Samarakis captured Turcotte's attention and quickly began to influence his heart to begin his course in the direction of composing for film. Within a year he began working on other independent films leading him to a project for a cause with a very important purpose.

Survivors Stories, a film used nationwide to alert educational institutions, parents, college-age students, and law enforcement agencies to the rising issue of rape at the college and university level became the next pallets for Turcotte's emotional support through his music. 

In the early part of 2003, he began working with independent filmmaker and director Kenneth Niblock to work on the musical score for the independent release of “Who Jacked Jimmy?”. Turcotte worked closely with Niblock on the film in its finishing stages.

For the next 20 years, Turcotte composed music under the moniker “The Bandless Hands” and since 2004 has independently released three full-length albums. Each covers a wide range of musical styles including Folk, Rock, Electronica, Jazz, and Trance.


Using the experience and knowledge gained over a 30 year creative and technical career, Turcotte strives to continue his work as a supporter and activist for creative people everywhere.


Educated in Electrical, Mechanical, and Audio Engineering, Bryon has also built a long list of accomplishments as a technical professional over the past 30 years.

As a technical professional, Bryon has managed projects for numerous companies and has worked within multiple product development, hardware engineering, and multimedia production environments. His career in the technologies - primarily in information technology, application support, and multimedia development - has allowed him to serve a number of large corporate organizations, two large publishing companies, and a highly respected non-profit organization in Tulsa where he served as their only  Multimedia Content Developer.

Before relocating to Tulsa, Turcotte served for four years as the Digital Production Support Specialist for Emerson College in Boston. He spent three years at Media 100 as a Senior Peripheral Engineer while maintaining successful partnerships with companies like Apple, Compaq, Jems, and Rorke Data. At ICE (Integrated Computing Engines) he developed and managed their first Hardware Qualifications department and Peripheral guidebook.


In late December of 1999 - with three former Microsoft, Vivo, and Firefly business development architects - he helped create the DotClick Corporation - a Boston based internet start-up and precursor to Facebook and YouTube - where his knowledge of the music industry, digital media, and content development helped them launch successfully to the world on January 1st, 2000.

You can reach Bryon by email at



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